Master of Surreal

Agasp I stepped into the fantastical, surreal and sometimes disturbing imagination of Tim Walker: Story Teller at Somerset House, London. Think high fashion meets Tim Burton. In a quiet corner this comparison was not lost on Tim Walker with homage to some of Burton’s cinematic work present in at least one editorial.

Showcasing some well known editorials from high fashions leading style bibles, Mr Walker’s sensibilities are always peppered with humour; and surprises lurk round every corner of this expertly curated show.

A pictorial delight, the Tim Walker exhibition expels all myths that photography is not art or unoriginal. I found that quite ordinary things had been transformed into the extraordinary; notably traffic signs! And in fact I left with a new sense of passion about photography and a New Years resolution to learn the craft.

Hurry to see it before it disappears…

Photo credits: Tim Walker courtesy of Somerset House
Tim Walker: Story Teller 18 October 2012 – 27 January 2013