The Brief Afterlife

Photo credit: Patrick D’Arcy @ Ynos Production

The Brief Afterlife of Reginald Tanner

On a very hot July night, forty or so people myself included crammed into the charming but very small Lantern Theatre in Liverpool, to watch The Brief Afterlife of Reginald Tanner. Lured there by promises of witty, thought provoking dark comedy, I wasn’t disappointed.

Resurrection comes at a price for NHS patients. Just ask test patient Reginald Tanner – death’s biggest loser – who is due before the Minister of Mortality this afternoon.

It’s a postmodern telling of Frankenstein’s monster intertwined with visions of the future NHS, the battle for innovation, life, death and ultimately a dystopian dilemma of who deserves to live (again!).

With some outstanding performances from each of the young and talented cast, this topical comedy from David Griffiths, creator of ‘Saving Grace’ and ‘Excess Baggage’ and directed by Peter Mitchelson, you won’t be left disappointed either.

They’ve since headed to The Edinburgh Fringe so you can still catch the play – showing 3rd-24th Aug 20:45 (21:45) at Cafe Camino, Edinburgh Fringe, Free entry